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ppe-list - Official PPE-List

Subject: Official PPE-List

Description: Welcome to PPE-List, an international platform for people interested in the interdisciplinary fields of Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

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Share what you know - Be courteous - Stay on topic - Moderate your content

Do announce:
- Internships and Jobs
- Conferences
- Events
- Call for Abstracts, Contributions, Papers and Proposals
- Summerschools
- Books & Journals
- Workshops
- Study programs
- Raise questions which may initiate a discussion off list. If you have asked a question please expect to get answers offlist, and – if the question is of general interest - collate the answers you receive for an informative post to the list.

How to send an email to the list:
Send an email, without attachments to The moderator will then distribute it to the list if list guidelines are adhered to.
Please note due to anti-virus and phishing risks we do not allow attachments to be sent out to subscribers.

Don’t Announce:
- Please don't use the list for discussions
- Please do not use the list to remonstrate with members who have - as you suppose - disregarded these very simple rules!
- The moderator acts as gatekeeper for most postings.
- You must never try to send any command to, as it would be distributed to all the people who have subscribed.

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The list archives can be found at Current posts are also
available via Facebook:

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first time you are subscribing to an electronic mailing list.

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You can visit the list platform at any time to see further information and to unsubscribe without sending an email – List platform URL

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